How to Operate a Heat Pump Thermostat

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  • 1). Set the heat pump thermostat system switch to the "Off" position then set the fan switch to "On" to circulate air in the home without turning on the air conditioner. This is effective in the spring or early fall when the temperatures outside are comfortable.

  • 2). Turn on the "Cool" setting for the heat pump thermostat system then set the fan switch to "Auto" when operating the heat pump as an air conditioner. When you leave home for several hours at a time, set the temperature a little higher to save on energy costs. When you arrive home, set the temperature back to a more comfortable setting.

  • 3). Set the heat pump system switch to "Heat" and the fan switch to "Auto" when it is time to heat the home. If you have a separate switch for the emergency or auxiliary heat, ensure that it is in the "Off" position. Unlike the air conditioner, it is not cost-effective to continually adjust the heating temperature while you are away. It is best to set the inside temperature on the thermostat to the lowest comfortable setting and leave it there for the season.

  • 4). Turn on the emergency or auxiliary heat switch on the heat pump thermostat if the unit has been off for over eight hours for repair or a power outage. This enables the heat pump to use the supplemental heat strip to provide heat for the home until it is able to pull heat from the outside air and draw it into the home. Turn off the emergency switch, after eight hours, to maximize the efficiency of the heat pump.

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