Shoebox Float Crafts

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    Choosing a Theme

    • Just like a parade float, a shoebox float should have a theme. The theme you select will influence all other decisions regarding your shoebox float. Your theme should be reflected in your float's title. Examples include a Christmas cookie theme for a Christmas float titled "Gingerbread Boys & Girls" or an American flag theme for an Independence Day float titled "Stars & Stripes." If your float will be entered in a decorating contest, you may need to follow a theme provided in the contest rules.

    Gathering Materials

    • In addition to the essential materials of a shoebox and string, decorating materials need to be considered and gathered. Consider the materials used in life-sized floats for inspiration. Some mediums to consider include paper mache, foil, colored tissue paper and colored plastic wrap. Decorative materials that fit with the selected theme, such as stickers or charms, must also be purchased or created. You can purchase fringe material by the yard in a fabric store or make fringe by cutting paper or foil. You will also need glue, scissors and possibly paint.

    Assembling and Decorating

    • Cover the outside of the shoebox and the entire lid with whatever you have chosen -- foil, paint or tissue paper. Turn the shoebox upside down and use glue to attach the lid perpendicular to one of the short ends of the box. When assembled, the lid should create a backdrop for the float. Add fringe along the bottom perimeter of the float. Add the decorative items you have selected that depict the chosen theme of the float.

    Displaying the Float

    • If the float's title is not featured in the decorations, include it by attaching a small title sign to the float. For floats being pulled in a shoebox float parade, you will need to punch a hole in the short end of the shoebox opposite from the lid backdrop. Attach a string through the hole for pulling the float. Bring extra glue to contests or float parades in case of necessary touch-ups.

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