5 Things That Prevent Personal Growth

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There are some things in this world which we don't realize but they do create tension in our life. We think that by doing these things, we become better and better-rounded people, but in truth, they do hinder us from achieving personal growth.

Some of these things are things we have grown accustomed to - they are integral parts of our life which we do not realize slowly bring us down. The sooner we discover that they are not too great for our growth as individuals, the sooner we can remedy them.

Here are 5 of the most damaging habits that we must try to correct:

Being too busy. Ever been so swamped with work that you can no longer even enjoy the salary you are getting? A salary is earned so that we can enjoy a better life and experience the beauty life has to offer. If you are too busy working, then that kind of neutralizes all your efforts doesn't it? Remember, if you are complaining that there do not seem to be enough hours in a day to complete your tasks, always think that Einstein, Edison and Bill Gates all have the same number of hours, yet they were able to make a difference. Take a breather, relax and rethink your life path. Take some time off to take care of yourself - not just physically, but emotionally as well.

Trying to pursue perfection. We go about life thinking that we must always try to strive for perfection in whatever we do. Although good to a certain extent, eternally trying to achieve perfection is a never-ending task, simply because this state is inexistent. Close to perfect is plausible and doable, but trying to go for perfect isn't. The world is constantly evolving and changing, which means that what may seem perfect today may not be tomorrow. Stop chasing "what should be" and start reaching for "the best I can do." Do this and you will feel infinitely better about your humble achievements.

Habitual lying and cheating. Think of it - do you constantly find yourself wiggling out of unfavourable situations by lying? Do you cheat your boss out of the money he pays you by sleeping on the job? If you think these are minor infractions, then they are most likely engrained in your psyche, that it will be truly difficult to get rid of them. Lying, cheating and anything unacceptable is YOUR choice - and not a way to justify excuses. Once you are branded as such, you will find it hard to alter other people's perceptions of you. Do not do immoral and dishonest things just because you can get away with them. Do the right thing always and find yourself infinitely happier.

Don't be gullible! If you have the tendency to believe other people all the time, believing in your heart that they are being truthful, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Don't be the type of person who accepts every bit of information, not even stopping to wonder if what you've been told is the truth. Somehow, being gullible is much like being in denial or stupid - you just accept whatever is convenient and believe that all people are as honest as you are. Learn to practice your powers of discernment - use your mind, not just you heart when listening to people. Don't let your life waste away on another person's half-truth.

Procrastination. When you procrastinate, your motivation and eagerness falters to a point where it becomes inexistent. Time and timing is always crucial. The longer you postpone anything, the longer it takes you to complete it, and the less your determination to finish. It's always hard to take the first step, but once you decide to take it, the entire process becomes easier to accomplish. Take small steps, no one is rushing you - but DO take that first step. Stop postponing, because you may not have the tomorrow you were counting on.

If you find yourself guilty of any of these traits, then you must now know that they are not doing you good. So start now on that road to self-improvement - it's the surest way to make a change for the better.
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