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You are wanting to go ghost hunting, but do not know where to begin.
Having gone on many ghost hunts, one of the first things regarding ghost hunting you should know is, learn to pay attention to what you feel.
Do not write off thoughts that you may consider as crazy or even as your own.
Consider all thoughts that "pop" into your head and their source.
Do not walk in fear.
Begin learning to be aware of spirit through meditation or prayer.
One who is aware of spirit will sense when spirit is present.
I can feel the presence of spirit physically through "goose bumps" sometimes.
Other times, it is a "rushing feeling" within my deepest being.
Sometimes it is simply just a "knowing.
"God is spirit and we are spirit - part of the whole.
Therefore, we can feel different parts of the whole.
You are the most important instrument you can use to sense the paranormal.
Spirit may be "sensed" at any time or any place.
It does not have to be at night; but you do have to have a clear and open mind.
If you are preoccupied, angry or depressed, you will struggle to sense anything at all.
Also, spirit can sense spirit - you.
The wrong frame of mind may deter spiritual activity.
Remember, like minds attract like minds.
Ghosts are simply people without a physical body.
If you are a being of light, you will attract beings of light.
If you are walking in darkness, then darkness will be attracted to you.
Be alert and quiet your mind.
What thoughts have infiltrated your mind during the ghost hunt, that you know were not your own?Spirits often speak through thoughts...
did you hear a ghost speaking? Follow your heart - investigate the building, room or area you are drawn to.
What places seem to come to mind or interest you?What opportunity has come to you for searching...
hunting ghosts?Go there.
And always be willing to learn and grow spiritually through spiritual experiences.
Seek them and they will find you.
Be respectful and announce you come in peace.
Do not be afraid to speak out and ask permission to photograph the spiritual realm.
Take photos, video and voice recordings if you like and try to capture evidence of the paranormal.
Involve others in your spiritual journey and grow spiritually with each other.
For safety, ghost hunting should not be done alone.
Research the area you wish to investigate.
What is the history or legend of the place?Have someone in your group take notes of all that happens...
sort of a "spirit secretary.
"Record your feelings, happenings and observations.
Share thoughts and look for common threads in those thoughts.
Are you being spoken to?Be respectful and do not fear questioning that which your eyes do not physically see.
"What am I here for? What am I to see?What am I to learn?"But, above all have fun...
and do not fear the unknown.
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