How to Check Current on a Transformer

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    • 1). Separate the wires coming out of the transformer to make room for the jaws of the clamp-on meter. You can measure current at any point along the wire that connects to the transformer. You don't have to be near the transformer. Be extremely cautious not to touch any electrical connections or pull any live wires out of their connection points.

    • 2). Set the meter to read amps. Many meters have automatic ranging, and all have maximum current limits. Check your meter to be sure that will handle the maximum current you expect to read. If it does not have automatic ranging, set it to the highest range.

    • 3). Squeeze the clamp lever on the handle of the meter to open the jaws, and place the jaws over the wire coming out of the transformer for the current you want to read. Try to keep the wire in the center of the jaws.

    • 4). Read the amps on the meter. If your meter does not have automatic ranging, drop the range until the meter reads around mid-scale.

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