How To Choose The Right Bridal Tiara

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The classic wedding tiara and headpiece is a direct descendant of the crowns of days gone by.
All brides have the ability to capture that princess feeling by choosing the right tiara or headpiece.
There are numerous things to keep in mind when making your decision.
So before you fork over the money for that wedding headpiece make sure you keep these tips in mind.
Wedding Headband: The choice of brides looking for a delicate headpiece is definitely the bridal headband.
This classic piece is worn vertically behind the ears of the bride.
Often decorated with intricate detail and pearls or gem stones, you can also find versions that derive their elegance from their simplicity.
Whether you wear your hair up or down, you can find a headband that will suit your needs.
Double Headband: A more accented version of the standard wedding headband will appeal to traditional and modern brides.
With its double stacked metal bands with optional bling can be worn just as a standard headband or worn at a more forward angle just as you would wear a tiara.
Bridal V-Band Headpiece: The V-band should be worn low on the brow of the bride at a horizontal angel.
This look is hot right now with the vintage brides and will lend a sophisticated touch to any bride.
Whether you get a single or double band it is worn the same and will definitely make a statement.
Wedding Bun Ring: While not a tiara in the strict definition, this headpiece is a very popular choice for brides of all styles.
Made for an up do, slide the bun ring on after you put your hair up in a bun.
Coming in many styles you are sure to find a bun ring that will finish up your wedding day look.
The Tiara: Channeling your inner princess, a tiara will give a bride a royal and regal look.
Tiaras range from the small and dainty to the extravagant with large jewels and gems.
Tiaras can stand alone or can be combined with a long veil.
Choosing Your Headpiece: When choosing your bridal headpiece you should consider a few factors first.
Depending on the shape of your face, some headpieces will be a better fit than others.
So if you have a round face you should definitely go with a tiara with a high point.
Women with a longer face should instead aim for sporting a more light and dainty headpiece.
If you are a bride with an oval face the bun ring, single or double headband, or the V-band is the way to go.
You should also make your headpiece decision with your hair color in mind.
Our blonde brides will find white gold and sterling silver headpieces are the way to go while red and brown haired brides should consider gold, ivory, or other metal shaded pieces.
Brides sporting a trendy short hairstyle should stay away from larger sized tiaras.
And Don't forget to think about if you are going to choose to wear a veil.
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