Tinnitus - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Tinnitus

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IF you hear constant buzzing or ringing sounds in your ears then you may be suffering from Tinnitus.
This "ringing in the ear" annoys millions of people every day.
Often we tend to ignore these sounds because they are intermittent.
Yes, you might be suffering from Tinnitus even if you hear these sounds intermittently.
It is very annoying to continue the conversation or any other activity with some background noise all the time.
Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom of some other medical condition you may be suffering from.
The sounds are often different for different people.
You may hear buzzing,squealing, hissing or roaring sounds.
Treatment of tinnitus is often dependent upon the cause.
In some patients the intensity of ringing sound can be changed by the movement of jaws, head, tongue or eyes.
Types of Tinnitus There are two types of Tinnitus.
Objective or Pulsatile tinnitus is a condition when the buzzing sound can be heard by the doctor.
Another kind of Tinnitus is subjective which can only be heard by the sufferer.
Causes •Damage to the microscopic endings of inner ear is often the most common cause of these sounds •Ear infection, foreign object or wax deposit is another common reason of Tinnitus.
•Natural hearing impairment because of aging.
•Constant exposure to loud noises.
•Stress or depression •Genetic factors or some side effects of some medication.
Prevention and Remedies •Sometimes removal of wax from the ears cures tinnitus very effectively •Try to avoid exposure to loud noise.
•Try listening to some soft music so that the buzzing sound is not heard.
•Avoid alcohol, smoking or any other stimulants.
•Exercise daily to improve your blood circulation.
•Avoid saturated fat and processed foods as much as you can.
•Make sure that you eat enough Vitamin A, B, E and Zinc.
Usually eating lot of green vegetables fulfills your vitamin needs.
•Live a stress free life and keep your blood pressure under control.
Above mentioned remedies for tinnitus are highly helpful in reducing the symptoms.
However there are times when you need some medication to treat his annoying health condition.
While removal of wax or curing ear infection works well for normal cases, you need a more effective treatment for Tinnitus if your condition is severe.
Homeopathic treatment of Tinnitus is often considered more effective than allopathic medicine or OTC drugs.
Apart from giving you instant relief, you get rid of irritating sounds forever.
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