The Best Way to Reduce Credit Card Debt - Get Rid of Large Credit Debt Fast!

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Having bad credit can be detrimental to your overall financial well being and can trap you in a horrific circle of debt, interest, and few options available to get out of the situation. If you are a one who is experiencing a bout of bad credit, trust that you are not alone. When you do find yourself in this position the best defense is to arm yourself with knowledge, an understanding of your choices, and a plan to undo the damage.

Though bad credit can not necessarily be erased you can improve your credit score by making better choices today then yesterday. With a higher credit rating you will further your financial health and repairing your credit is a realistic goal to set for yourself. Being debt free in today's economy would be a huge accomplishment and why not begin today? it is the perfect day to begin paying off your debts and cleaning up your credit report.

First you will need to assess your financial situation. Obtain copies of your three top credit reports so you can see where you stand financially. Contact the reporting agency if you see discrepancies or errors and have them removed or corrected.

Step two would be to pay off your credit card debts. Beginning with the card with the lowest balance concentrate on this card until it is completely paid off then put it away and do not use it? By concentrating on one card balance at a time you can pay more towards the premium lowering the interest and get it paid off sooner. After the first card is completely paid off and put away move on to the next lowest balance and continue until you have successfully paid them all off.

Do not destroy the cards though or cancel them unless they have a high annual fee or high interest rates. You can gain a better credit score by having the cards active without a balance showing reliable payments will raise your credit score. It will take some time to become totally debt free and you can track your improvements by keeping watch on your credit reports. Many people find it very motivational when they slowly start to see a debt free future for themselves.

By following these steps you will not only repair your credit and show you are reliable but you will also find that you make extremely good financial decisions that can only help in improving your financial future.
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