Psalm 91

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Over the years Psalm 91 has been fondly referred to as the foxhole Psalm, and for good reason. Through countless wars soldiers have turned to Psalm 91 for encouragement and comfort. Soldiers have recited it, prayed it, confessed it. Even family members of those soldiers were doing the same thing.

Why turn to Scripture?
Faith-filled prayer is powerful. But, when destruction is knocking at the door or rolling over the horizon, it's hard to keep the emotions and intellect in line enough to pray with confident faith. Fear, anxiety and fretting take over. This is not the most effective stance from which to pray. Not at all!
So, a potent antidote: pray scripture, more specifically pray Psalm 91. The Psalm becomes a guide, a mentor for praying with confidence and belief, no matter how bad the situation you are facing.

Why turn to Psalm 91?
Authorship of Psalm 91 is not conclusively established. But, Bible scholars do seem to agree that either Moses or David penned this one in their later lives. Both of these men learned to trust God and walk with Him through the most hair-raising scenarios. The life of either of them could be turned into an action-packed, suspense-filled TV mini-series. And, it would all be true.

So, when a champion of faith is inspired by God to write encouragement to all who will follow, we sit up and take notice. Better yet, we stand up in prayer and fly the banner this champion is passing on. We take up the images and the wording of Psalm 91 to use in our own prayers.

God is faithful to protect and deliver. He is your fortress, high tower, the place where we can run to be safe. The key to this protection is in the first verse. We must stay close, abide in Him, let Him be the Secret Place, another reality in which to be rooted.

Praying Psalm 91 in a continual way is one method for staying close and abiding in God.

Why pray continually?
Keeping a scripture like Psalm 91 rolling over and over in prayer works wonders in overcoming negative, fear-filled self-talk. So two things are accomplished in this prayer:

One: The power of Heaven is released into the situation you are praying about. Remember, the Word of God is alive and active, alive with His power. And, you are now releasing it. Is that a mind-boggling concept?

Two: As you pray Psalm 91 your mind is being renewed according to the promises of God. Your thinking changes. And as your thinking changes, your behavior changes. That is how it works. Thinking controls behavior.

Back to the foxhole image: It has long been known that soldiers who are confident, who have fear under control are much more likely to survive a battle. Pray with Psalm 91 and way increase your chances of surviving the battle you now face.
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