4 Tips For Buying a Car DVD System

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Who would of thought that someday our vehicles would become full blown portable entertainment centers? Impossible it may have seemed a couple of decades ago, but these days there are plenty of options for keeping passengers entertained while on the road.
If you are a parent looking to purchase a car DVD system for your family travels, here are 4 tips for getting the best one for you.
Tip #1: Know Your Options There are two basic choices when it comes to car DVD players.
You can opt to buy one that is built in to your vehicle, or one that is portable and removable.
There are benefits to both approaches.
If you plan on using the unit for more than one car, you definitely need a portable one.
The other decision you will have to make is whether you want two screens or one.
You will find many selections of both types.
Tip #2: Shop For The Best Price Once you know what you are looking for, you can set out to find the best deal for the style and features you need.
Unless you are attached to a particular brand you may be able to save by going with whatever brand happens to be on sale as long as it has the features you want.
One of the best places to look for a bargain is on Amazon.
com and another chance to get a good deal is at your local electronics store during a weekend or holiday sale.
A car DVD system is a common "loss leader" with many retailers due to it's popularity with shoppers.
Tip #3: Don't Forget The Installation If you are purchasing a built in unit to retrofit in to your vehicle then you may need a professional or at minimum an installation kit.
Even the portable variety needs a quick "installation" to sit still on the road.
You can get a Velcro strap to secure the device in between the front two seats.
Some models come with over the headrest holders that can also benefit from being secured with Velcro.
After you install, make sure that the passengers have a clear view and your unit doesn't easily wiggle free.
Tip #4: Use Power Adapters To Avoid Batteries There are a variety of power options when it comes to car DVD players.
Some devices use disposable batteries while others are rechargeable.
Most provide an additional option of a standard power cord while others provide a cigarette lighter plug.
If possible you should choose one that does not take disposable batteries.
No matter what kind you select, having the ability to plug in to your car's battery can be a big cost saver.
Even if the only option on your unit is a standard power plug, you can purchase a power converter that makes it possible to run devices with regular plugs from your cigarette lighter power supply.
Compared to the cost of endless batteries, this is a good choice.
As you can see, shopping for a portable DVD system for your car can be fun and using it even more so.
Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you save money and get the best device for you.
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