The Natural Beauty of Grain in Oak Bar Stools

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Oak bar stools are made from quality oak timber that has been the preferred wood to use in furniture for centuries.
Not only used for its beauty, the durability of the hardwood does not let down anyone as it can last generations.
Priceless wood antique furniture is made from this beautiful wood and the silky feel of the polished material is irresistible.
Oak bar stools are marvelous add-ons to any home or business and can go well at bars, kitchen islands, tables as well as other areas.
Choosing the right set of oak bar stools is very crucial to the sitting experience.
Finding the right height really depends on what you need: breakfast bar stools tend to be shorter than regular ones.
Before buying, measure both the height and the length of the surface that you intend to place them beside.
Taking a photograph of the place for the stools is also a good idea as sometimes you can get lost in the numerous choices in a showroom.
There is also the variety of stools to choose from: swivels, back or no back, etc.
When buying these stools, make sure that it is made from a solid piece and not mixed with poplar or gum.
The more pieces of wood that have been laminated together, the more likely the pieces will warp and snap or crack when they are subjected to different temperatures.
If placed in a kitchen, the heat can hasten the wood to warp as the glue used to laminate the pieces together can be adversely affected by the increase in temperature.
If the price of solid oak stools is too steep, there are alternatives that can be just as satisfying.
There are available in the market where a veneer of thin oak piece is plastered on to a plywood center or a less expensive solid wood.
There are also faux oak finishes that look just like the real thing.
Invest in a good wax to maintain the natural vibrancy of the oak wood.
Consider buying unfinished stools if you want to do the finishing yourself.
By buying oak finish, you can control how light or how dark you want the wood to look or simply buy a wood wax that not only protects the wood from the elements, but can actually enhance the natural color and grain of your oak stools.
Durability is an important factor in choosing oak bar stools.
Make sure that the stools are made to last, be it for a bar business or for the comforts of the home.
Simply buying a cheap kind may not give you the lasting quality that you are looking for.
Under constant use, the cheaper models of oak bar stools can fall apart, even when you are sitting on it.
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