10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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It's cold.
It's gray.
You want to be home on the couch with a cup of cocoa and a pile of blankets.
Better yet, you want to go back to bed! It's easy to feel down in the winter.
Here's how to feel better fast.
Listen to music.
This is especially a good idea when you're doing chores or anything physical.
Don't just cook dinner, rock out! Put on some upbeat music and let it lift your spirits.
Connect with people.
Having an intense conversation or laughing with a friend or loved one is a great way to cheer yourself up, especially if you're feeling lonely, bored, or dull.
Get some solitude.
This may seem crazy after the last suggestion, but if you're feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, or smothered, taking time to be by yourself is what you need.
It's easy to fall into a middle ground where you deal with people superficially--in that situation, you don't get enough connection, so you keep seeking others out, which means you never get enough time to yourself, either.
Deep interactions and peaceful alone time are what you need to recharge.
When you're feeling blue, laughter can snap you out of it.
Seek out funny people, movies, or websites, and get the giggles.
Look for the good.
In every situation, there is something to be grateful for.
Looking for those things can help you feel better and be more positive overall.
What aspects of your current situation make it better than it could be? In what ways are you lucky to be where you are? What can you learn from it? How does it benefit yourself or others? 6.
Do something different.
If you're feeling blue, you may be stuck in a rut, working too hard, or just getting doing too much of the same thing.
Look for things you love doing but haven't done in a while, or things you've always wanted to try.
Then do them! The most satisfying activities are the ones that are challenging, require concentration, and match your skills well, but there's nothing like the rush of trying something brand new! 7.
Take a break.
If you've been working really hard and feel overwhelmed or exhausted, give yourself a night off and just relax.
It's important to have enough unscheduled time to recharge and let your mind wander.
You'll be more productive in the long run, and you'll feel a lot better.
If you're sleep-deprived, you're almost guaranteed to be grumpy and have a hard time thinking and concentrating.
You owe it to yourself to get enough sleep.
Eat well.
There's a reason everyone is always telling us to eat more veggies! Your body needs those nutrients to function well.
Take a walk.
For best results, walk outside during daylight hours in nature.
You'll get the benefits of exercising, combat seasonal affective disorder, and get an extra boost from being in nature.
Meanwhile, walking is a great chance to let your mind wander and think things through.
Winter doesn't have to make you feel blue.
Use these tips to cheer yourself up and feel good!
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