India Tours Some Bare Facts

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India is immensely rich in every sense of the term. It is indeed a treasure trove in the global context. With magnificent legacy of rich past and tourist friendly destinations, India is indeed reigning supreme on the global charts. Here are some of the bare facts that make India tours more the significant and worthwhile.
India is a nation that is rich and varied in every sense. Right from the music and handicrafts, it is a country with some special taste. This is what makes people from every nook and corner of the world visit its vicinities. In fact, there is no dearth of highly specialized tours that make it more than special.
Moreover, there is no dearth of festivals and fairs its one of the most princely states of Rajasthan. The richness of Goa and Kerala is also a major attraction. Some of them are Camel Fair, Gangaur festival, International Kite Festival, Pushkar festival, etc in Rajasthan. Then there is Carnival in Goa, many festivals in the Indian context making it one of the most enchanting entities. Apart from that, there are many traditional dances of India that makes it worth enjoying.
Largest Service Industry
Tourism in India constitutes the largest service industry. What's more, the contribution of tourism industry in the GDP remained more than auto industry and many other sectors. On an average, it contributes nearly 6.23% to the national GDP. It also helps in the total employment i.e. standing at 8.78% of the total employment. What's more, foreign footfalls are increasing with every passing moment. Taking into account the footfalls in the year 2011, it stood at 6.18 million. In fact, they are getting higher and higher round the year.
What World Travel and Tourism Council Says
Between the year 2009 and 2018, India will emerge as one of the most sought after destination in tourism terms. In fact, India is moving fast with everything going in favour of it. Even the recent FDI investments also show its willingness to attach to the world in positive sense. This is where it is reigning supreme in every sense including tourism.
Credit goes to India Tour Packages
India renders magnificent tour packages making the experience more than significant for the travelers. In fact, that is where it is reigning supreme in the global tourism context. This is where it has become one of the most sought after entities in the field of tourism. In fact, these tour itineraries have been shaped in such a manner that they take shape in accordance with the perennial needs of the travelers. This is where they are becoming more than worthwhile in experience. Moreover, tailor made experience is something, which is making it more than significant and worthwhile. All this is making India one of the best nations in the world especially when it comes to travel.
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