The 10 Worst Mistakes You Can Make If Your Spouse Is Asking For A Divorce And What To Do Instead!

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If you are facing a troubled marriage and your spouse is asking for a divorce, then you might very well be interested in saving your marriage.
Do you know the 10 worst mistakes you can make and what to do instead? Unfortunately, I nearly learned the hard way until I learned what to do instead and saved my marriage.
You can save your marriage too.
I'd like to share with you what I learned so you can use this critical information to your advantage.
Let's face it, divorce is a terrible thing.
So much is at stake; finances, homes, possessions, friendships and especially and often times children.
Nobody should ever have to go through something like that and I am a firm believer that most marriages can be saved.
You need to be smart about it though and put the odds in your favor.
By avoiding certain mistakes, you can give yourself a much better chance to stop a divorce from happening.
Let's take a look at the 10 worst mistakes you can make if your spouse is asking for a divorce:
  1. Crying, begging or pleading with them not to leave you
  2. Anger or arguing and trying to talk them out of it
  3. Making promises that you'll change if they will give you another chance
  4. Making threats of any kind
  5. Any type of acts of revenge
  6. Any type of acts of jealousy
  7. Constant phone calls, emails, text or phone messages
  8. Attempting to drown your sorrows in drugs or alcohol
  9. Trying to use the kids as a weapon
  10. Sending gifts of any kind
The end result of all these actions is that they surrender all the power in the relationship and they make you appear desperate.
These are NOT attractive qualities to your spouse! Their natural tendency will be to pull away, the more you push.
These are all actions that are guided by your negative emotions and probably by the obvious fact that most of us don't know what else to do! We don't have a plan for saving our marriages, so we act upon the natural desire to reach out to our partner any way possible in the hope of changing their mind.
This backfires every time.
Instead, you need a calm and confident demeanor that will allow you to take powerful and decisive action.
There are very specific things that you can say and do which will practically guarantee success if you are willing to follow a plan.
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