Wii Sports May Get A New Addition By Way Of A Pulse Oximeter

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Wii sports is the best selling game unit in the history of modern gaming systems.
It has sold an estimated of 65 million units and has yet to slow down in sales.
What the fans of the device always desired was the ability to measure their pulse rate and oxygen levels during the game in order to monitor their fitness levels.
However, this technology really as not available until the advent of the new portable pulse oximeter devices that have hit the market.
A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that is so well suited for measuring the pulse rate and the oxygen levels of individuals within seconds.
So why didn't they use this device previously with the Wii systems? The reason was that the pulse oximeter had not become portable in the sense that it could be made small enough to actually be used in the home setting.
This changed however with the introduction of new chip technology that transformed the device completely.
The modern pulse oximeter systems are extremely portable and small.
As far as their size you can actually liken it to the size of a very small pager.
As a result you can take it with you wherever that you need to go in order to monitor your health.
The Wii sports users may be able to use the device in conjunction with their gaming system as a health monitoring mechanism so that they can track their health as they exercise.
Actually, one of the important functions that the device serves is that if the individual using the game has a health condition namely a cardiac or respiratory illness, the pulse ox can actually help to ensure that they do not overextend themselves to the point of damaging their health without their direct intention to do so.
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