How to Repair a Broken Water Well

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    • 1). First step that needs to be completed is the well cap needs to come off. On an artisian well these caps weigh about 100 lbs and are concrete made. Once the well cap is off you will see a bunvh of insulation. This is designed to keep the pvc pipe from feezing in cold weather. However if you live in a partcularly cold place were the temperature goes below freezing, there is good chance the pipes will freeze in the winter months.

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      Water well cap and rain cover

      Once you have the cap off the next step is to find where the leak is. This will usually be right at the top or side of the PVC pipe. There is also a water nozzle that will have to be replaced once the repair is undertaken,

    • 3). Once you locate the break you will need to cut out the old PVC Pipe, this can be done with any kind of saw narrow enough to get between the pipes. Cut the old pipe out and then throw these away, get the new pipe ready to instal.

    • 4). Making sure you have the correct size pipe, replace the broken pipe with the exact type of pipe that was broken. Make sure you use the proper PVC cement and the pipe to be replaced will be a white pipe, much like and irragation pipe. Dont confuse with conduit for electrical work which is a gray pipe. Allow a good hour for the pipe to dry and and put an additional amount of glue on the pipe at the coupling edge to ensure it doesnt spring a leak.

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