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Has anyone figured out how the auto insurance industry comes up with their quotes and rates? If you take some of the questions they ask it may be due to some of the eliminations of drivers because of their high risk habits.
Some of the other questions may help them weed out drivers that have too many accidents.
What happens to the drivers with all the accidents or the high risk drivers because they are too old or young and too new at driving...
where do they go? Anyone at anytime can go to the internet and get free online auto insurance quotes.
Answer the questions and see what your rates will be in a certain time frame.
If you are not happy with the answers or the quotes you get back then check another company.
How do they figure out their rates? Some say it is simple math based on statistics.
If you take the number of insured you can then divide that number by the total amount of claims filed.
Then add up all the expense and overhead to the company and divide it by the number of insured.
There you have your rates.
Sounds good right? Well your guess is as good as mine because if you live in a heavy populated, heavy traffic area then your rates are going to be high because of the ample opportunities for accidents.
What happens if you live in a rural state in the Midwest? Does this mean your insurance rates are low because there are not a lot of people? The drivers that have the bad histories on their driving records or multiple accidents are going to have to find companies that offer high risk insurance and this is expensive.
You do not have to figure out a formula for that one.
If you drive badly and do not want to change your driving habits then why should you get a discount? I have to watch out twice as hard for you because you are not watching out for me.
Free online auto insurance rates for car insurance.
The good, the bad and the ugly driving records can look on the internet anytime they want to see if the rates get any better.
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