Roses Watering Guide

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One of the easier things to take care of is the roses watering.
They like good amounts of water, about one or two inches per week.
In times of dryness of heat, some roses might need a little more.
Watering amounts depend on how moist the weather is, the size of your rose bush, and if there is mulch around the plant.
If the weather isn't very dry you won't have to water as much.
Bigger plants need more water than smaller ones, and if mulch is laid down, it will hold moisture longer.
When you water your roses give them a good amount of water, but remember they don't like to be underwater for too long.
There needs to be a good drainage system.
There are some important things to remember before you begin watering your roses.
When you water your rose bushes the soil should be watered deep in the soil, but not all of the time or very often.
Watering deep promotes the roots to grow healthy and strong.
Roses should never be dry, and if they ever are then they should be watered.
Keeping your roses moist will help your plants during the next growing season.
It is best to water your roses in the morning, so they aren't too moist at night.
Too much moisture at night will promote disease, black spot, fungus, and mildew.
These problems are much easier to prevent from happening than to cure from your bushes.
Try not to get any water on the leaves because it also helps prevent disease.
Make sure to reach all of the roots when you water your plant.
For older and larger plants the roots can be fairly larger.
The water needs to get at least nine inches, for larger rose plants.
If the water doesn't get to all of the roots then water for longer periods of time.
Some root systems can go fifteen to eighteen inches underground.
If the moisture is too shallow in the soil, the roots will grow close to the surface.
All of the roots will be bunched up with a good chance for problems.
Mini roses have smaller root systems, and eight inches should be a good depth for watering.
It can be beneficial to give your plants a shower with a spray nozzle, once a week.
A shower will wash away the unwanted spider mites, dust, dirt, and other insects.
The extra humidity doesn't hurt either.
Make sure to do this in the morning or early in the afternoon.
There are many different techniques for watering your roses.
You could hand water, use a drip system, use a bubbler for each bush, and there are many more options.
Soaker hoses are good to inexpensively water, but they need to be run long enough to reach the entire root system.
Every plant is going to have a different amount it must be watered.
Try to find out the right amount for your plant.
Not enough water makes the leaves limp and begin to sag.
Too much water will drown the plant and the leaves will begin to yellow and fall off.
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