How to Calculate Nanny Pay

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    • 1). Add together the number of hours you will need a nanny for a week. For example, a person requires a nanny 30 hours a week.

    • 2). Research nanny pay scales for your area. A nanny's pay will differ on many variables such as where she lives, her experience and the number of children. There are several sites available, such as, which can help provide a general reference for the nanny's hourly rate. If you are hiring a live-in nanny, you will want to pay her a salary and not on an hourly basis. In the example, through research, the person finds a nanny at a wage of $14 an hour.

    • 3). Multiply the number of hours the nanny works by their hourly wage. In the example, 30 hours times $14 an hour equals $420 a week to pay the nanny.

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