Understanding About Pug Care

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Of all the different breeds of dog that one can choose from, one of the best without a doubt is the Pug.
These are truly adorable little dogs, and super friendly.
They are also great family pets even around very young children, as long as they are trained properly of course.
There are a few issues with the Pug that any potential owner must be aware of however, and more than anything this refers to Pug care.
Pugs require a fair amount of consistent and ongoing care, and people need to be aware of this before choosing to have this dog as a pet.
There are also many Pug allergies that you should be concerned with, and in fact if left untreated Pug allergies can be just as ailing as human allergies.
There are ways to deal with dog allergies, and if your dog is always scratching his skin or getting blisters, odds are that they have allergies.
When it comes to Pug care one of the first and most important issues that need to be discussed involves Pug allergies.
Allergies in dogs can be as severe as uncontrollable itching and the development of blisters.
One of the most effective ways to deal with Pug allergies is to give them regular baths with cool water.
This will help to soothe and cool their skin, and shampoos that contain eucalyptus and Aloe Vera are often helpful as well.
Of course the best way to manage dog allergies is to prevent them, and by keeping the dog away from the allergens that trigger their disease will help to at least minimize the symptoms that are associated with their condition.
Of course to do this you will have to first determine the specific allergens that are affecting them.
Anything from pollen and mold spores to household dust can cause allergies in dogs, and you will want to speak to your veterinarian more about this.
Pug allergies can definitely be difficult to deal with, but there are a few tips that will be very helpful to you here.
Ensuring that the dog is neutered, bathing them at least once a week and wiping them down with a wet cloth frequently for instance are all great ideas because they will help keep the dog clean and healthy, particularly his fur, which is where many allergens tend to hide and cause problems.
You should also remove the dog from bedrooms and instead keep them outside or in the garage or anywhere else in the home where there are no carpets.
Also keep in mind that dog allergen may persist for months even years after the dog is gone, so you will want to remove all carpeting from your home if the dog is an inside pet and also make sure to steam clean all upholstered furniture, vacuum all hard floors, wipe down all surfaces and furniture, and replace any air conditioner and heater vent filters.
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