Fake Orgasm - How to Tell If She is Faking It

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According to Askmen UK, a survey shows more than 70% of women have faked orgasm.
What does this mean to you? Chances are, your partner may fake orgasm without you knowing it! Some women fake it every time, and some do it only sometimes.
You have to understand her psychology behind fake orgasm.
Firstly, she may fake orgasm because she is afraid to tell you how to help her to teach the climax.
In addition, she may not want to upset you because you cannot satisfy her.
In the film "When Harry Meet Sally", Sally claims that a man can't tell if a woman is faking an orgasm.
Well, I bet to digress.
So how do you tell anyway?
  1. Listen to her breathing and heart rate: when she is about to climax, her breath will become shorter and heavier.
    Sometimes, the change will be accompanied by change in body movement.
    If she is not excited, her heart beat and body movement will be ordinary although she may moan and groan.
  2. Nipples: if she is having orgasm, her nipples become hard.
  3. Flush: women usually have flush around the cheeks, neck and nipples when they orgasm.
  4. After an orgasm, she will get very sensitive on her clitoris.
    If you touch the area right after her orgasm and she's not taking your hands away, she probably did not have an orgasm.
  5. When she is excited, it is difficult for her to speak a complete sentences other than "oh my god!".
    Besides, if she talks a lot after sexual intercourse, she probably did not climax.
  6. After the session: does she jump into wash room right after intercourse? Or does she get out of the bed immediately to get on with the rest of the day? If she seems to have a lot of energy after sex, be suspicious.
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