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Think once- you have been arrested because of the complaint lodged against you and the court has ordered your arrest. You need to answer the charges made against you. During your arrest you have been advised of your rights which include the right to deploy the defense attorney. Well, although such circumstances are traumatic yet it's quite a realistic picture. In such time it's better to keep your cool and get the services of a criminal defense lawyer.

The fact is, under the law you are presumed innocent till the time you are proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in court. As a matter of fact in spite of the charges made against you or the evidences that support those charges, in the eyes of law you are still innocent, hence you are given the chance to dispute all and to prove your innocence. It's indeed a good idea  to call the federal criminal defense attorneysto take advice. Let criminal attorney evaluate the evidence and defend you in court in real time.

As an experienced attorney, your criminal defense lawyer can seek your audience immediately even during your detention. Although the criminal law varies from State to State yet in general it guarantees you the flexibility to confer with your criminal lawyer, no matter how grave the charge is. Moreover, your lawyer's presence is also required after your arrest and during the interview process. The law requires this for your protection because you might say something which later can be used by the prosecution, against you. Your lawyer, experienced in criminal jury trials can advise you whether or not to answer the questions and can also apprise you in regard to the consequences in case you choose to answer the questions.

If possible and if the court allows, your criminal defense lawyer also tries to gain temporary liberty by posting the necessary bail. The fact is, all circumstances are important for your defense attorney to devise the best service plan for you so you must try and narrate everything such as the events that happened, the time when you were arrested and other minute details.

Remember, since treatment of an offense greatly varies with each state and city it is important that you ensure to book the lawyer who is the expert regarding the crime, you are charged with. Precisely, if you are charged with a criminal act in Phoenix then you should hire the criminal defense lawyer phoenixbecause he is indeed the expert to understand the legal intricacies of Phoneix. Now, if the State of Arizona considers you guilty it is the best option to hire the criminal defense attorney Arizona to let him hold your hand throughout the legal proceedings.

Let's face it, liberty is indeed one of the basic human rights and when the right is in danger it is important to get in touch with the best defense lawyer at the earliest!
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