Spending Quality Time With Our Children

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Spending a quality time with our children is not only a must but it's every mother's dream.
We all wish every minute during the day could be a quality minute spent with our loved ones.
Sitting with them on the ground to play with their toys, running around, taking them out, baking together, reading stories, crafting, painting, or talking to them; how we spend it is not the subject but to be able to spend it is what's important.
This is not an issue if we are mostly at home but when we work outside our place we find ourselves trapped in all the work and chores we have that we don't get to find any quality time for our kids since we leave home early and come back close to our children's bedtime.
This is a problem we all wish we could solve and learn some tips to find a way to spend time with our children, go to work, cook, do the laundry, take care of ourselves and be able to spend more time with our significant other.
All mothers are complaining from lack of time, they all wish a day is 36 hours not 24, staying at home mothers complain from staying all day locked in with the children, working moms are annoyed from all the time spent outside away from their kids so in general no mother is completely satisfied.
And my job is to help mothers feel better and accept their situation no matter what it was.
"How could I spend more time with my children when I work from 8 a.
to 5 p.
?" Jenny Garrett.
My answer to Jenny and to all the mothers who are wondering how they could squeeze quality time during the day is the following:If you come back from work close to your kids bedtime try pushing their bed curfew one hour further.
Postpone your house chores till after they go to bed and try to make every minute you spend with them a special one.
Have dinner all together, open a discussion with your children and try to go past few of their gaffes so this time won't be wasted on yelling and punishing or what so ever.
Sacrifice at least 15 minutes for a small game, probably coloring and I have mentioned previously the importance of this activity to both of you, it is easy and doesn't recommend a lot of effort and your child will have blast having you coloring with him.
And least but not last, always read a bed time story together.
So in general, it is not that hard to be able to squeeze a quality time during the day all we need to do is set our priorities right and make a daily schedule of all the chores we have to do and the activities we have planned with our kids.
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