Signs You May Have a Bad Dentist

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Patients go to a clinic for relief from pain. But there are cases where they return with pain of a different kind. We have some interesting episodes with a Dentist.

John (name fictitious) has acute tooth ache. He fixes up an appointment with a dental surgeon and visits him. At the clinic the receptionist receives him and hands over a few magazines for reading. Most of them are outdated issues including journals on dentistry. After fifteen minutes he realizes the Dentist has given the same timing to three others also. The most influential among them gets in first. John waits for one hour and his turn comes. He enters the treatment room and takes his seat.

The surgeon asks about his native place, profession, family etc., just to assess the size of his purse. John gives an evasive reply out of fear of being fleeced. Meanwhile he leaps from his seat shrieking ‘foot, foot'. The dentist asks him, ‘you say, you have toothache. Now you shout saying foot, foot. Why?'

John in panic points out that his shoe is pressing hard on his injured foot. Bleeding takes place and immediately it is dressed up. The Doctor administers consoling words and then asks him to resume his seat.

He prescribes antibiotics without clear instructions. John complains the next day that he vomited blood after taking the tablets. On second consultation with a general practitioner he learns that the antibiotics are not advisable for certain patients who develop adverse symptoms.

John visits the Dentist who examines his teeth. In that process the Dentist pulls out the wrong tooth. The patient is not aware of what is happening since he is administered an injection to benumb the jaw. Only after the tooth is pulled out he realizes the mistake. He points out to the Dentist and the latter consoles him by saying he would pull out the affected tooth free of cost.

The Dentist identifies two teeth needing filling. He advises John to have root canal treatment. The patient out of helplessness agrees. When two sessions are over John is asked to bring 5000 bucks. The patient faints on hearing this. He manages to raise the amount and clears the bill.

On further visit the doctor advises him to have capping for the teeth at an estimated cost of 8000 bucks. John avoids him giving some lame excuse, consults another doctor and gets the capping done for one tooth and the other one removed at much lower cost.
Finally he informs the Dentist that filling is done. He in an unhappy mood said, "A bad tooth and a bad company are to be removed." John replied. Doctor. I have removed the bad tooth.Now I am wondering whose company I should remove?
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