Advantges of Using Online Computer Repair to Get Your Computer Fixed

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If you are having computer problems like spyware, email, wireless, printer, and more instead of hiring someone to come to you maybe you should consider remote support, it's fast safe and cost effective. Many people are using this exciting technology to help them with their computer needs.

So your computer is not working properly, it still boots up and can access the Internet but there are some big problems what do you do? Crawl under the desk, unhook everything, try to remember which wires go where, put it in the car and go to the nearest computer repair place. Now try to explain the problem(s) about things you probably don't understand, then the guy asks you if everything is backed up, now you are worried as you wait a week or two to see if you get it back working properly and everything is still there.

FACT: The average computer repair person that works at a repair place like Best Buy or a small place does not have system recovery skills to repair issues and the business owner does not want them to spend too much time trying to solve problems so they will either try to sell you a new computer or just reinstall Windows which will wipe your hard drive, of course they will charge you to recover the data first ($249 for data recovery on a working hard drive at Best Buy).

If you can get on the Internet (and sometimes even if you can't) online computer repair is your solution. The technicians are Microsoft certified with years of experience repairing Windows operating systems. We use Simple Help a Java based connection software that has 448bit encryption directly from user to technician, the connection does not go through a third party website.

Problems that can be fixed:

-Virus, spyware, rootkits, and malicious or roque software like Win7 security 2011

-Repair broken Windows updates, firewall, system restore, repair all damage done by a virus

-Set up wireless security

-install devices like a printer, webcam, cell phone, camera...

-Check all updates for Windows, Java, Adobe, and more...

By allowing our technicians direct access to your computer at your location, you are saving the frustration of trying to explain your computer's problem(s) or perform often complicated telephone instructions. When our personnel are able to interact directly with your system, they are better able to quickly and thoroughly diagnose the problem and effect repair, saving you time and money, and better ensuring that the problem is reliably and permanently corrected. The whole process is very easy and enjoyable, you can sit back and watch as the technician repairs your problem and you can ask any questions you may have while this is happening. Online computer repair through remote support is the way to go.

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