Balloon Gifts

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    • Balloons make bright, eye-catching gifts for any occasion.Balloons image by elmgrover from

      Balloons have long been added a festive touch to parties and have been used to make arches and otherwise decorate a party location. They can also become original, eye-catching gifts, and a number of companies exist to take and fill orders from individuals wishing to give a balloon gift. Gift-givers can make their own balloon gifts, using inspiration from some of those companies and a bit of one's own creativity.

    Balloon Bouquets

    • Balloon bouquets can be used to express any number of sentiments--love, humor, wishes for a quick recovery from sickness or for a happy birthday--in a colorful and almost extravagant way, particularly if the bouquet being presented is large. The website for the Balloons and More Gifts Company, based in Irving, Texas, offers an array of ideas that could serve as inspiration for a balloon bouquet you put together yourself.

      Make your own balloon bouquet by purchasing a handful of colorful helium balloons at a party store and tying the balloons together with a thick piece of ribbon. Balloon size and selection may be more limited than the options offered by a professional company, but if you are in need of a last-minute balloon bouquet, this option will work well.

    Gift in a Balloon

    • Give a gift inside of a balloon, instead of a gift along with a balloon. To give this kind of eye-catching gift, consider working with a company like Gift in a Balloon, which sells the materials necessary to wrap gifts inside of latex balloons. Or, find a local party store that offers this kind of gift-wrapping service or sells the materials necessary for customers to wrap gifts inside balloons themselves. Some floral companies might also offer floral-wrapping balloon kits if you inquire about such gift-wrap options.

    Balloon in a Box

    • Most people expect to find balloons tied to chairs or railings or anchored to the floor with a small weight. Surprise gift recipients by putting their birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day balloon in a box, as companies like The Balloon Box do for their customers.

      Make your own balloon-in-a-box gift by purchasing a festive helium balloon from a party store and arranging it with confetti and perhaps small gifts, like candy or a stuffed animal or journal, inside of a wrapped or decorated box. For added effect, sprinkle some confetti on top of the balloon. Then, when the box is opened and the balloon begins to float upward, the confetti will float gracefully to the ground.

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