Google"s and Apple"s New Headquarter in California and Cupertino

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World's number three IT company Google is planning to making headquarter Bay Q in California. The recent news has revealed that in just land of this headquarter cost Rs.1100crore/- and the price of its other expanses will be calculated later. It is expected that this headquarter will be ready till the year of 2015. Along with this headquarter of Google, Apple is also making its new headquarter "Spaceship" in cupertino. And the new headquarter of Apple will be ready till the year of 2016.
Google New Headquarter in California
new headquarter of google bay q

Google has paid Rs.1100crore in buying the land for the manufacturing of its new headquarter in California. Google is expecting that this new headquarter will make its system more easy & flexible. The new headquarter is capable of contacting with customers in much better & easy way.
Google has first made a survey with its employees. All the questions related to its working situation were asked. They were asked what kind of place they wants. Which type of group they need to work.
Then they made an analysis of light from sun between the period of sunrise & sunset. Also the data of speed of air, its direction was also calculated.
This headquarter is the Largest corporate office of America. Having 4 storyes with squared rooms and at the roof, gardens are designed.
To make buildings in contact with each other, bridges are engineered to contact them. The whole parking is underground.
Its interior is so designed that employees works in nature but the screen of computer does not gets dirt on its surface.
In its campus, many facilities are available which includes Lounge, cafe, swimming pool, Gym, Spa, sports arena.
There is no private cabin for the employees and every cabin has idea board at his/her back.

Apple new Headquarter called Spaceship in Cupertino
new headquarter of apple spaceship

The city cupertino is at near California at which the new headquarter of Apple will be manufactured till 2016.
The company has already paid Rs.1650crore for buying the land of the headquarter. This cost is high that that of the land of Google new Headquarter.
The design of the office of Apple new headquarter is like a ring. The diameter of this building ring is 1615foot.
In the manufacturing of this building, the sand will be not wasted. This sand will be used in cultivation of 7000 plants & trees
Also the total of 1000 audience of stadium will be manufactured in its underground
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