Quit Smoking Today - A Product Review

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More and more people are trying to quit smoking these days, as the entire world is becoming more more educated about the possible dangers of this unhealthy habit. However, the process of giving up smoking can be so taxing and difficult that it takes its toll on even the most committed of smokers. A number of persons tend to relapse after just a few tries, whilst other people dont even make the effort to attempt to stop smoking at all.

There currently exist a variety of products available that can help you stop smoking, but some dont work while others have an endless list of potential side effects. Given this, the vast majority of smokers dont seek suitable help and sooner or later abandon any efforts to kick the habit.

An ideal solution is the Quit Smoking Today program, a method devised by Rob Mellor, an expert on Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, which is a specialized psychotherapy discipline that deals with nicotine addiction. In this review, we will offer some vital information about the Quit Smoking Today technique so that you can make an informed decision in terms of your fight to quit smoking.

The Quit Smoking Today method comes with an mp3 audio file (length is approximately 38 minutes and 13 seconds). The technique claims to teach you to give up smoking without enduring any nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The audio book further claims that greater than 90 percent of five thousand (5000) test subjects utterly stopped smoking after trying the Quit Smoking Today method. In addition, he claims that the vast majority of of these test subjects were able to stop smoking in as short as 1 month after listening to his mp3 recording only once, and the majority didnt relapse after six months or more.

The primary idea applied in this mp3 audio book is rather like the principles used in the practice of hypnosis. It aims to communicate with the subconscious and change the smokers subconscious reaction to cigarettes & nicotine cravings.

The vast majority of reviews of Mellors technique have been for the most part favorable, with several ex-smokers swearing to its effectiveness and reporting zero untoward experiences. The isolated unfavorable feedback so far is that of certain people protesting that the system still lacks any official testing. Nevertheless, more important than any official clinical research, we value the opinions of this programs actual users, and to date, the the feedback has been generally inspiring.

This Quit Smoking Today system is not a miracle product that offers a shortcut remedy for what would otherwise be a complex process. Nonetheless, we recommend that you use this program and see if it does work. Since the system has caused favorable results for most people, theres no reason why you will not benefit from it also. An improvement to your health is certainly worth the effort.
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