The Pirate Treasure Art Projects

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      Pirates were high seas bandits who stole gold, killed people and burned ships. They were infamous for taking their gold and hoarding it for long periods of time. They buried their treasures and made maps that would help them find the treasures. Make some fun pirate treasure crafts with your kids.

    Treasure Chest

    • Pirates allegedly hid their treasure in large boxes called treasure chests. Help your kid create their own treasure chest with this simple and fun craft. Materials include an old shoe box, black, yellow, red and white paper and scissors. Cut black and red paper to fit on the outside and inside of your box lid. The black will go on the top of the lid and the red on the bottom. The red will make it look velvety. Apply the glue with the paintbrush to avoid lumps. Use the yellow paper to make a keyhole. It should be a 2 inch by 2 inch yellow square with a keyhole drawn on it. Use the yellow paper for a lock as well. Glue black paper all along the box and draw parallel lines about an inch apart along each side. These will look like strips of wood. Throw in some coins, and your kids have a treasure chest.

    Treasure Maps

    • Pirate treasure maps make great myths and legends but you can have fun with your kid by creating your own treasure map. When you make your map, make it resemble your back yard and actually bury a small treasure at the "X." This can be the treasure chest that you made earlier. Get a grocery bag and cut a strip of about two feet by two feet. Tear along the edges to make it look authentic. Draw your map using a permanent marker. Remember to make everything more authentic by calling the house the "ship" and the back yard the "island." Finish everything up by putting a big red "X" where the treasure is buried. Once you're finished drawing, crumple your map up into a little ball several times. Place it underwater for awhile and take it out. Spread it out and leave it out to dry. Your map is finished.

    Treasure Picture Frame

    • A pirate treasure picture frame can help bring a little person pirate life into your every day life. Buy seven craft sticks (they resemble popsicle sticks), cardboard, tacky glue, foil paper, gemstones, paint, a brush, easel, magnets and a glue gun. Paint the jumbo sticks any color you like although brown will look the most like a pirate treasure chest. Once it has dried, cut a 5 inch by 5 inch piece of cardboard and glue it in the middle of your craft sticks. Once you are finished, cut several 1/4-inch strips of foil paper and glue them around your cardboard and on your frame. Do the same with your gemstones. These will be the "pirate treasure" you may also wish to glue fake golden coins to the frame. Glue the magnetic strips to the back of the frame and let it dry.

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