Sex and Aging - How Aging Can Impact our Sexuality

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Often sexuality is overlooked when we talk about elderly people.
Most of the societies believe that sexuality is meant primarily for the young.
But in reality sex and sexual feelings are of equal interest for the elderly people.
Bodies change when a child grows to an adult likewise an adult body changes when he or she grows old.
Some of these changes are related to sexual life.
As men and women grow older they experience less sexual arousal.
After the age of 50 a person slows down in sexual responses.
There could be different factors responsible for it.
There could be physical as well as other factors responsible for it.
When it comes to physical factors there are sexual changes that take place in both men and women.
In a woman the lip of the vagina and the tissue covering the public bone lose the actual firmness.
The vagina becomes dry and uterine contractions with orgasm may be painful at times.
The man slows down sexual activity.
There is delay in erection and prolonged ejaculation.
Health problem is another factor that refrain elderly people to have sex.
People, who are in the age group of 50 and above, face health problems.
Some are under the influence of chronic diseases that put a negative impact on the sexual life.
There are diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, urinary tract infections, prostate cancer, incontinence, arthritis, depression and dementia that have a great impact on the sexual life of couples.
These diseases put a negative impact on sexual functioning.
The medicines have their side effects and are responsible for sexual dysfunction.
There are couples who abstain from sexual relationship considering there age and see them as grown up couples who have not supposed to be having sex.
There are other reasons too.
Couples lose their partners as they grow old is one of the major reasons for not having sex.
If you do not have your partner with you, you cannot have sex.
At such an age people usually do not look for a fresh partner.
There are a number of men and women who lose their partners and are deprived of sexual expression.
As couples grow older they face problems as anxiety and depression due to change in age and lifestyle, financial issues, retirement and personal religious ad moral beliefs.
When people grow old they get retirement from the jobs makes people feel negative about their physical strength and capability.
Some people feel it morally and religiously correct to refrain from sex.
They believe that old age meant to be closer to God and abstain from sexual relationships.
A number of couples are sexually active even at an old age.
They have a mature love relationship and are sexually active.
It is all about willingness and flexibility.
The couples who high spirited and are not worried about their growing age are sexually active.
They have no depression and aging does not affect them much.
Such couples also keep healthier.
Couples who want to be sexually active but are not able to due to ageing factor should try out anti ageing solutions.
They should exercise well and keep their body fit and flexible.
While having sex use lubrication for dry vagina.
You should also in a lot of love talks so that your sex desire is aroused.
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