Rodent Control Is a Year Around Challenge

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Rodents including mice, rats and squirrels can breed the whole year-round with many species breeding several litters in a year.
The result: Rodents can multiply quickly, so quickly that your house can be overrun with these pests in a year when the appropriate pest control methods are not applied immediately and regularly.
Don't be complacent about the lack of signs of rodent infestations either.
You must always be on the lookout for signs of infestation including the following: • Droppings on pantries, kitchen cabinets, and drawers, all of which are places where rodents are more likely to find food • Squeaks, rusting and scampering sounds especially at night when these pests will start going about their business • Urine pools and trails including urinating pillars (i.
, small mounds of grease, dirt and urine) • Nibble marks on food boxes, food containers and food • Gnaw marks on wood • Grease mars on small openings • Nests behind and inside appliances so long as the place is warm and cozy.
• Distinctive musky odors • Footprints and tail marks in dusty spots • Excitement observed in the house cats or dogs especially around a certain area Fortunately these markings won't need that too keen observation just to notice these sings.
Keep in mind that you must look out for just a single sign to arrive at a definitive conclusion that, sadly, rodent infestation is present.
You should not wait to act on the rodent infestation until all of the abovementioned signs are evident.
Otherwise, you will have a harder time eliminating these harmful pests from your home, which means higher risks for health issues like leptospirosis for your family.
Don't act on resolving rodent infestation using DIY measures on your own for several reasons.
First, you may just be making the problem worse with ineffective methods.
Second, you are exposing yourself to possible bites, contact with urine pools, and other hazards sans the appropriate safety gear that pest control professionals have in their possession.
Of course, you must pay for the services of these pest control professionals but when you consider the effective and efficient results - look, Ma'am, no more rodents in the house - then the money is spent well on the health of your family and on your peace of mind.
Just the same, you should still be vigilant because rodents are crafty and clever creatures that will find ways to invade your house.
That's where you can partner up with trusted pest control professionals.
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