Decorating With the Color Orange

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Orange is one of the few colors that is purely subjective.
Either you love it or hate it.
Depending on the personality and taste of the person, it might bring extravagance to what could be a dull and lifeless room.
Typically, orange gives off a feeling of vibrant emotions that can bring excitement into your home if you decorate using this color.
Orange can set several moods including cheerfulness, welcoming, dynamic and assertive.
It's one of the only colors that can set so many moods and say so much about the person who uses it to decorate.
Try using orange as your primary color for wall paint in your bedroom or family room.
Orange is said to stimulate ones appetite.
Another idea is to use orange as an accent color.
It can give a glow of warmth and send a signal of happiness and can be a perfect offset color to brighten up a room where lots of people gather.
If you're not bold enough to paint your walls a vibrant color, you can start with just adding orange accents.
Adding orange vases and flowers into your living room creates a wonderful and very inviting space which is neutral to both men and women.
Another idea is to add orange throw pillows.
This can brighten up a dull couch and breath new life into a boring room.
Orange is one of the few colors on the palette wheel that is bright, modern, and assertive.
For those who aren't accustomed to using the color, it may be difficult or even unimaginable in the beginning.
Start small with some basic accent pieces and see how they look in your home.
This won't cost a lot and will allow you to become more at ease with the color so you can begin to try bolder ideas without fear.
Using the color orange can be is fun and very exciting as what the color portraits.
You just have to discover what kind of style processing you would interject this nice color in.
Having orange accent pieces like vases, pillow covers, candle holders make this color safe and very usable.
Once you begin using this color you'll be able to immediately see a difference in your room and the attitude of the occupants.
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