Lingering Presence of Maddow and Letterman Visit to Muncie, Indiana

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It was a great experience for Ball State University students to have Rachel Maddow and David Letterman in Muncie, Indiana on Friday, December 2nd to tape her nationally viewed MSNBC show.
One of the best jokes from Mr.
Letterman was his reference to the UC-Davis security guard who pepper-sprayed the Occupy movement supporters when he said, "I know for a fact that pepper spray is excellent on salads.
" Later that night on Maddow's MSNBC show, she brought up Marion, Indiana, and how hundreds of employees lost their jobs when their Smith Corona factory was closed down over a weekend.
Many had worked there for decades, and did not receive advance notice of the pending closure.
The factory shut down after a company owned by Mitt Romney, purchased the corporation.
His company than moved many of those factory jobs overseas making substantial profits for his company, and himself.
Now, Mr.
Romney is wanting to become the Republican Presidential nominee for the United States, and uses his experience in the private sector as why Republican's should endorse him.
While Ms.
Maddow asked her national audience this question, we wonder how Middletown voters will embrace this candidate running for President when jobs and our U.
economy is the number on priority.
Will they remember the priorities of Mitt Romney when he faced a decision of whether to make more money, or help Hoosier's? Later on her show, she pointed out the callousness, and demeaning chants toward the poor by other Republican Presidential candidates like Newt Gingrich.
While Mr.
Gingrich is pandering toward mainly conservative crowds now, like Ms.
Maddow, we're wondering if those remarks will cost him votes later if he wins the nomination to represent their party.
In order to win over the Tea Party and other far right leaning voters, the Republican nominees are making some incredulous claims that may later cost them an opportunity to remove President Obama from the Whitehouse.
Will the conservative media forces like Gannett in Muncie, Indiana let these candidates slide without covering their earlier acts and comments toward predominately conservative crowds? Will they commit sins of omission when covering articles in the presidential race in 2012? In Middletown USA, we just completed a municipal election which for all practical purposes, featured Main Street versus Wall Street candidates, and across the board victories in all local races favored those representing Main Street concerns.
Once again, is Muncie capturing the sentiment of our neighbors throughout the United States?
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