The Law Of Attraction - Are You An Outlaw?

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Have you ever wondered why, if the Law of Attraction really works, so many people are miserable? And not just miserable - in this day and age we have stressed, anxious, panicked and fearful people - people who are fearful that they won't have enough money to make ends meet, fearful that they're going to lose their job or their home. This fear is prevalent on a scale of near-pandemic proportions - and, yet, we know that so-called "self-help" books are one of the fastest growing sectors of the publishing market and books, DVDs and websites extolling the virtues of the Law of Attraction are leading the charge. Unfortunately, it appears that people are following something closer to the Law of Distraction!

Something strikes me from my work with my many clients over the years - many of whom are avid readers. It strikes me that a vast body of people intellectually understand some of the key concepts behind the Law of Attraction but fail to actually take the necessary action in their daily lives - and, I mean, daily - because in order to change your life, you have to take real action to that affect every single day.

A couple of years back, I had coffee with a guy who came straight out and told me that he reckoned he was "an advanced soul" (whatever that means!) and that he lived by the Law of Attraction. I had a cup of coffee - as we were "meeting for coffee" - he ordered fish and chips and an extra helping of chips, just for the hell of it!! It was five o'clock in the afternoon, he'd had an early lunch and wasn't meeting a client for dinner until eight o'clock - he needed a snack. Why do I tell you this? Well, for someone living by the Law of Attraction, he hid it well. In fact, he hid it under a very large stomach - the guy was obese. It you're "living your best life" as Oprah puts it, it should show in your body and your health.

But, that's not all, this guy told me that his marriage had broken up in the last year - that he'd really loved his wife, didn't know what had gone wrong and couldn't come to terms with it. Whilst that was going on, he was "outplaced" from his position as CEO of a large multi-national and, as a result, admitted that he was a little too fond of his evening bourbon - which he normally started in the afternoon! Does this sound like someone who is living the Law of Attraction?

Of course, let's pause for a moment and consider the old adage that it is darkest before the dawn - and, indeed, in my own life's journey - which is a permanent work in progress - and those of many of my clients, a degree of near desperation often proceeds a major breakthrough. The point I'm making is that, if you're going through hell at the moment, it may well be a "trial by fire" that will set you up for your next big break. I've seen it happen many times. However, the darkness before the dawn lasts, by its very definition, a couple of hours - or, at the very least, a short number of weeks or months in our lifetime's terms - this guy had been sliding down a slippery slope of ruined relationship, ruined career, over-eating and over-drinking for over three years when I met him.

Why do I bother telling you this story at all? For one very simple and extraordinarily important reason. If you're living by the so-called "Law of Attraction" you should be seeing some results. If you're not seeing results (not necessarily immediately, but I have seen what I can only describe as wondrous things happen in a matter of hours) then, you're doing something wrong. If the Law of Attraction doesn't produce results, what's the point?

The point is that if you use your mind, your mental and spiritual energy in a way that most people only read about, like the sound of, but do nothing about, then your life will be transformed - as I've said, possibly in a matter of hours. And the most effective way of getting what you want is not sticking a picture of it on your refrigerator and then doing nothing whatsoever about bringing it about yourself (that's the same as "believing" you've won the lottery and expecting it to happen without bothering to buy a ticket!). The most effective way of getting even more than you could imagine out of life (in all its facets) is to clear your mind completely.

That's why meditation is such an effective and practical way of attracting what is very best for you - effortlessly. Sure, meditation might get you to another spiritual plane - but the key benefit of meditation is its practical ability to discipline your mind and enable you focus - not on what you want, but on the here and now. And that's another key point that avid readers of self-help books miss - don't focus on your goals, focus on the only show in town, the here and now. It's in the here and now that universal energy is - the universal energy that quantum physics proves is responsive - to your energy and mine.

Put you energy into the here and now - take real action in the here and now. Be present. That means have presence. And anyone with presence is attractive - and that's how the Law of Attraction really brings about results. Now.

Copyright (c) 2009 Willie Horton
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