Summer Fruit Salad Recipes

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If there's one food you should eat as much as possible during the summer, it's fruit. Watermelon, berries, cherries, cantaloupe, peaches; the list of succulent fruit goes on and on.

These easy salads can be served as a side dish, or they can be the centerpiece. Any of these recipes would be delicious with some tender cooked shrimp or cubed ham added. Serve them on delicate greens for even more substance.

Read through How to Prepare Fruits and Vegetables for information on each fruit: how to buy it, store it, and prepare. Enjoy!

Summer Fruit Salad Recipes

  • Strawberry Melon Salad
    Sweet and juicy melon combines with sweet and tart strawberries in this beautiful salad. Yum.
  • Fresh Fruit Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
    This delicious salad is light, and it takes just minutes to prepare. Blackberries and peaches would be wonderful additions.
  • Melon Berry Cheese Salad
    Wow, this is one spectacular salad. Sweet watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, and fresh mint combine with blue cheese in a flavorful vinaigrette. Add shrimp to this one for a great main dish salad.
  • Mango Tomato Salad
    Yes, tomatoes are a fruit, even though legally they are classified as a vegetable. This combination is just spectacular.
  • Curried Fruit Salad
    Curry powder is sweet, spicy, hot, and suave all at once; the perfect complement to sweet and juicy fruits. Yum.
  • Fruit and Cheese Salad
    Havarti cheese is a nice contrast to fresh berries in this delicious salad with the homemade dressing.

  • Grape and Chevre Salad
    Chevre is goat cheese, a tangy and mild cheese. Combine it with grapes, almonds, and a sweet honey mustard dressing for a taste sensation.
  • Smoked Gouda Peach Salad
    There seems to be a cheese theme in these fruit salads! Well, cheese and fruit are natural partners, no more so than in this rich and beautiful combination.
  • Grape and Melon Salad
    Juicy little grapes and melon balls make a beautiful salad that's fun to make and eat too.
  • Melon Salad
    Honey and orange juice makes the dressing for this fresh and healthy salad.
  • Melon Berry Salad
    And finally, this wonderful combination rounds out the collection. Add some cooked chicken to this one and serve it on baby spinach for a special main dish salad.
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