How to Repair Divots

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Iron shots on the fairway will almost always result in a turf that is scraped up, leaving a scar where grass had once been.
This is because irons are meant to dig into the soil even after it has hit the ball.
Both the turf that is scraped and the corresponding scar is called a "divot.
" Golf etiquette requires that players who make divots with their shots must repair them, unless you are certain that your golf course requires you to leave divots alone.
Here are the steps on how to repair your divots: 1.
Once you've identified that you have made a divot with your shot, you can correct it in either of two ways, depending on the mode preferred by the golf course.
You can either fill it with sand or sand-and-seed mix or put back the soil patch sliced off into the divot.
If you forgot to ask the staff beforehand, go back to your golf cart to check the method preferred by the course.
If they prefer that you put the sand mixture, you will find some sort of a flask inside a holder just under the roof of the cart.
Otherwise, you will have to put back the turf sliced off back into the divot.
If you see the container with sand, simply take it and pour enough mix to fill the divot.
Using your foot, level down the sand and smooth it out and you're done! 5.
If you don't see that container, however, you will have to manually pick all turf that your iron sliced and put them back to the divot.
The so-called "clean divot" will make the job easier for you since the whole turf and soil is still compact and in one piece.
However, if the grass and soil are scattered all over, you will just have to do your best to pick up all the pieces and put them as neatly as you can into the divot.
As in the fourth step above, level down and smoothen the divot with your foot.
Repairing divots are part of the game of golf.
This will ensure that the course will heal faster compared to when you simply leave your divots alone.
Once you've done your share in maintaining the golf course, you can move on and win your game!
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