The Best Way to Retrofit a BMW 328i With Bluetooth

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    Basic information about your 328i

    • There are many different ways to determine which method you should use to retrofit your BMW 328i. Finding out the model year of your BMW will determine the amount you must pay for the equipment to retrofit your Bluetooth device. Check the trunk of your car for an emblem that says, "This BMW is pre-wired for cellular use." Next, check your radio to see if there is a picture of a telephone receiver. This feature will let you know that your BMW radio is prewired for Bluetooth, and all you must do is add the antenna and the Bluetooth receiver to a allow your phone to pair with the BMW radio so you can receive calls.

    The Retrofit Kit

    • When looking for a Bluetooth system that retrofits your 328i, attempt to find a kit that has a built-in adapter and cradle together. This kit will fit in the console (armrest) of your BMW, and each time you snap in your cell phone, it will pair and possibly charge the phone once the car's ignition is started. Pairing of your cell phone means the phone's Bluetooth signal and your radio's bluetooth signal will "recognize" each other and connect. Installation is such that you can do it yourself within an hour or two by removing the console and connecting the adapter to the wired connections under the console that connects to the radio.

    Costs and purchasing

    • Research various websites to determine the best price for your retrofit kit. If you attempt to order from the dealer, a representative may tell you no kit is offered for your car or it may be more expensive than finding a deal online for a retrofit kit. Expect to pay between $400 and $800 for a retrofit kit as of 2010. Contact your BMW dealer to find out the cost to have it installed, or you can install the unit yourself. Purchasing the retrofit kit with the cradle and adapter is the simplest method of installing your retrofit Bluetooth device. Make sure you are purchasing a retrofit kit for a North American car as opposed to a European car, depending on your location.

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