Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Scented Candles

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Candles are the ideal home accessories because they versatile, beautiful and create ambiance.
With a variety of shapes and sizes, colours and designs, candles have many practical and decorative uses.
They can be used for decoration, to create atmosphere in a room or to emit an aroma.
Here are some general ideas for decorating your home using candles.
Place a row of tea lights along a mantle or windowsill to add ambiance.
Alternatively, use different sized pillar candles gathered together at the end of the mantelpiece.
Heat resistant stands are essential for this.
Use modern or traditional wall sconces, which can hold one to four candles, to add a touch or class to your home.
Try a decorative display of candles in corner of the bathroom for added character.
Or, try few tea lights in a candle bowl.
Candlelit baths are also a novelty.
Disguise the odours in your kitchen by burning small scented candles, designed to eliminate foul smells.
Scented candles produce many weird and wonderful smells, such as pet and tobacco smells, as well as availability in tins, glass jars, or as tea lights.
For you bedroom, match your candles with decor, with scented candles on your bedside table.
They still give off a pleasant, if faint, aroma, even when not lit.
The centrepiece of your dining table should be a large candle.
You can find some beautiful examples - but do not use scented candles for this particular application because it will drown out the smell of the food.
Luxury scented candles should be enjoyable and pleasant.
However, it is important to use them responsibly and to bear in mind that they can cause hazards if simple guidelines are not followed.
Always remember to take care when using candles and do not leave them burning unsupervised.
It is important not to place scented candles near plants, curtains, furniture, or anything flammable.
Keep them out of reach of children and pets and never leave them unattended.
Keeping a scented candle near hair or clothes is also a recipe for disaster.
It may seem obvious, but putting candles at an angle will increase the risk of it falling over and setting something alight.
Keep them upright.
A little known fact is that blowing out candles will displace the candlewick, causing it to smoke the next time it is lit.
Therefore, when it comes time to put out scented candles, extinguish them using candlesnuffers and trim them to half a centimetre before lighting them again.
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