Diamond Engagement Rings

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If youve decided to pop the question, the best way to do it is to with a diamond engagement rings. And the best way to pick out one is to let your fianc do it herself. But if you really want to surprise her, and make sure you get her the perfect ring, let her pick out the ring, and you can pick out the diamond. This works out best, because once youve picked out the perfect diamond, even a simple ring will do more than enough to brighten up your fiancs face, and the diamond too!

Picking out a diamond engagement rings, is a little more complicated than buying a simple wedding ring.You need to know your fiancs preferences of design, colour and size since it will help you pick the perfect diamond. Paying attention to her lifestyle will help you analyze these easily. Once you know what she would like best, the next step is to know a little something about diamonds. A diamond is judged on the 4Cs: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat.


Normal diamonds are graded on a scale of D (colourless) to Z(light yellow) with a colourless diamond being rarest and most expensive. Beyond Z, a diamond is considered as fancy coloured. Such diamonds come in red, green, purple, violet, orange, blue, and pink. Naturally occurring coloured diamonds are extremely rare and hence very expensive.


Clarity is the absence of internal inclusions (mineral parts or crystals trapped inside) or surface blemishes. Diamonds are graded as F (flawless) to I (included). Since inclusions are found only in natural diamonds, they help in distinguishing them from lab made ones. When you buy a diamond for your engagement rings, look for such blemishes and inclusions under a 10X magnifying glass. (Most jewellers will provide you with one).


Cut refers to proportion, symmetry and finish of a diamond. A well cut, well-proportioned diamond will sparkle breathtakingly and display the colours of the rainbow when held against light. Although you might not be able to know technically whether a diamond in your engagement rings is well proportioned by looking at it, the gasp emanating from your fianc will be a good pointer!


This is the unit of measuring the diamond weight. 1 carat is divided into 100 points. So a diamond of half a carat will measure .5 carat. The measure corresponds directly with the size and price of your diamond. In case you want an elaborate ring, you might consider a cluster of diamonds of varying carat measurements.

Along with these, you also want a shape that will look best on your fiances fingers. The basic shapes are brilliant cut (conical) and step cut (square or rectangular). All other shapes are variations of these. Also ensure that the diamond you buy is mounted well on the ring. Buy the stone only from a certified dealer. Diamonds are strong but need to be handled with care. Do not wear them when doing manual work. Get your ring polished once a year from your jeweler (Most will do it for free). A little care and knowledge before and after purchasing your diamond engagement ring will go a long way in ensuring that the ring and your marriage stay forever.
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