Top 3 Kindle Fire Tax Apps for Tax Year 2013

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Best Kindle Fire Tax Apps for Tax Year 2013

When it comes to tax apps for you Kindle Fire, you don't have much to choose from. Although theses Kindles run on the Android platform, not all Android tax apps are offered in the Amazon AndroidApp Store. I've gone through and pulled out the best of the slim pickings for Kindle Fire tax apps and you'll find them listed below. Hopefully, there will be more to choose from next year.
The top tax apps for Kindle Fire for 2014 are:

Prices for tax apps are subject to change, especially as the national tax filing date, April 15, 2014, draws near.

TurboTax Kindle Tax Apps

SnapTax says it's free in the Amazon Android App Store, but that's really only for very simple returns. After you snap a photo of your W-2, the information from that form is pulled into your return in SnapTax. Answer some questions and either you'll be able to e-file a 1040 EZ for $24.99 or the app will let you know that you need to use a higher version of TurboTax. A state return can be added on for $14.99.

TaxCaster requires entering some basic tax information, then lets you know approximately what to expect for a refund, or how much you'll likely need to pay in when you file your return. This app works well for most people who use it, but around 25% of users say it did not return anywhere near the correct number for them. I tried TaxCaster and it worked well for me. This app is free.

MyTaxRefund by TurboTax tracks your tax returns after you e-File, whether or not you used TurboTax to complete and e-File your taxes. Use the app to see your return moving through the system, and you'll know when it's been accepted and you'll know when to expect a refund. This app works great for tracking both Federal and state returns.

This is a simple free app that is used for tracking your Federal return, and state return if your state requires filing an income tax return. Where's My Refund got mixed reviews in the AndroidApp Store, however, it looks like some of the poor reviews from users were from those who had a delayed tax return. You cannot blame an app if your return is being held up by the IRS.

    This app is great for having a quick reference for questions about tax rates, income brackets, IRAs and more. 2014 Tax Guide app includes several tax calculators as well. If you complete taxes on paper instead of using tax software (which has information available at your fingertips) or use the IRS Free Fillable Forms option in the Free File program, this app is a must-have.

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