How to Talk to New People

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Talking to new people can be a bit of a frightening experience for many of us.
We see a person that we want to introduce ourselves to but we are not quite sure what to say or even how to go about it.
Here are some things you can do to help you in how to talk to new people you just met.
Show Interest Everyone likes to talk about themselves, and even more so when the person they are talking to is interested in what they are saying.
When someone is talking to you show you are interested by giving the appropriate responses to what they are saying.
Saying things like 'really', 'is that so', or 'wow', shows the speaker you are listening and are interested in what they are saying.
Paraphrasing Means You Are Listening Paraphrasing is saying back to the person, who is talking to you, what they just said, but in your own words.
Paraphrasing is the best way to let the other person that you are and have been listening to what they are saying, nearly hanging onto every word.
It also clarifies that you understand what they are saying.
Maintain Eye Contact Maintaining eye contact is a demonstration that you are a sincere individual and that what the other person is saying is important to you.
It also shows that your attention is focused on the person who is speaking.
If your eyes wander around the room or become fixed on something else other than the person who is speaking then that sends the message that you have become bored with that person.
Failing to maintain a reasonable degree of eye contact is in fact disrespectful and rude.
It also may indicate that you have something to hide and are not confident with yourself.
Smile and Be Friendly For some, smiling and being friendly is easier said than done.
But those are the people that other people try to avoid anyway.
Few people like to talk with someone who is sad, angry, or rude.
To increase your opportunities to talk to new people be nice and friendly with the ones you currently talk to.
People they talk to may get to hear about you and a good reputation will go before you.
So make it a habit to always put your best face on with a friendly spirit in your heart.
Have A Pleasant Voice No matter who you are talking to there is never a reason for you to raise your voice in a threatening way.
When people do this it puts the other on the defense.
When people perceive a threat, whether it's real or not, their brains automatically go into self-preservation mode.
This is certainly not a way to start talking to someone new.
Be Humble Being humble is a key, not only to talking to new people, but to living life in general.
Humility, although some may not realize it, is perhaps the most attractive quality any human being can possess.
It's a belief that says everyone is equal to you and that it's fine to make mistakes from time to time.
This attitude makes talking to new people much easier and more comfortable as they will feel they can open up to you, without you feeling that you feel superior to them.
Be Respectful When you are talking to someone new, always talk to them with respect.
This means watching the language you choose to use.
There is nothing more disrespectful than using inappropriate language in a conversation with someone you don't know.
Also, pay attention to your body language.
That says a lot about whether you are being respectful or not and it a lot more difficult to conceal than the meaning in your words.
These are just a few key points in how to talk to new people and they should help you out in getting off on the right foot with people you meet.
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