How to Impress Your New Boss

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Sustaining a good job is as important as getting a good one.
If you are blessed with a good job with a good pay and you have job satisfaction in the work you are doing, then this is the place that you need to stick to.
In order to sustain and earn a good name in the work you must be aware of certain aspects.
Bosses are the ones who create the job opportunity.
Make sure that you impress them with your competence and knowledge.
Having good work ethics and principles will definitely make you a favorite one to the boss.
Be focused in the needs of your boss.
Know the priorities and importance level of the work you are doing.
If you have lot of work to do at the same time, ask the employer what his/her priority is.
This way you could organize and complete the work more efficiently.
Develop a good communication line with the employer.
It is crucial that you have a good rapport with your boss in order to achieve great results.
Use the form of communication your employer likes.
Some may like emails and voicemails but some may prefer phone conversations.
Figure out the ways which your employer likes and follow that way.
Let the boss know about the value you have added to the company.
Update him about the success of the project that recently went through you.
Also, send out a congratulatory mail to the team that worked under you which not only bring the attention to the success of the project but also exhibits your leadership skills to the boss.
Be proactive and find out any gaps or loopholes in your departments.
If it needs any corrective measures which only your boss can determine, send out a suggestion mail to the boss.
Be forthcoming and take responsibility in solving the issue.
This way you the boss will be impressed with your sense of responsibility towards the work and the organization.
Always find time to read and listen.
Ask the right kind of questions pertinent to a new project that is coming up.
This will bring the employer's attention on you and will let the employer know that you have good comprehensive capability.
Be humorous in a way that does not hurt anybody in anyway.
Also, be flexible and approachable.
These qualities may definitely make you a hit among the fellow colleagues and they would prefer to work with you for others.
In due course, the boss will also come to know about your ability to derive work effectively and he will definitely assign you greater responsibilities.
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