How to Quill a Chess Set

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    • 1). Choose two colors for the 32 chess set pieces. Use a full length strip to quill a tightly coiled round with a tool or corsage pin for the base of each of the chess pieces. Set the round shape in the 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch round of the quill chart for true sizing. You can also draw a circle on a piece of paper and cover it with wax paper to protect the pattern from glue. Coil 16 bases from each color. Glue the end of each strip to secure the shape.

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      Quill a slightly smaller, tightly coiled round from 15-inch paper strips for the next base segment of the chess piece.

    • 3). Cut a 6-inch piece of 1/2-inch wide paper. Tightly coil the paper and glue to secure. This will be the post of each chess piece. Repeat with the 31 remaining posts.

    • 4). Place the large tight coil on a piece of wax paper. Glue the bottom of the second base coil while holding the shape with a pair of tweezers. Place it in the center of the large base coil. Repeat with each of the 32 bases. Glue a post to the center of each base.

    • 5). Quill eight tight coils from 12-inch lengths of each color of the 1/8-inch paper. Glue the end of each piece of paper to secure it to the side of the round. Glue one round shape in a vertical position across the top of a pawn. Set aside to dry thoroughly.

    • 6). Make a teardrop for each bishop, two tulips for each queen's crown, three tiny hearts for the king crowns, triangles for rooks and one quilled square with a half circle for the knights. Quill these pieces from 4- to 5-inch lengths of 1/8-inch wide paper strips. Use your quill guide or drawn shapes to keep each piece the same size for each game piece.Glue two tulip shapes to the top of the queen for a crown. Glue the hearts with the points in an upright position for the king crowns. Glue the square vertically onto the knight top. Add the half circle to the top side of the square. Glue the triangles to the rook tops and the teardrops on to the bishop shapes.

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      park chess table image by Dumitrescu Ciprian from

      Roll loose rounds from 20-inch strips of 1/2-inch wide quill paper. Shape them into the squares for the game board. Use a quill shape guide or a drawn square to keep the shapes all the same size. Glue the squares side by side using a photo of a chess board as your guide. Let this large piece dry thoroughly. Mount it to a piece of cardstock by gluing it on to the surface.

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