The Unreasonable Being of an Entrepreneur

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Are you creative, unreasonable and obsessive? Are you capable of shutting out the doubters who tell you that you should get a real job? Are you willing to probably lose friends because you are 'way too self centred to care about anyone but yourself'? Are you passionate to the point where people might not want to sit next to you at the next social event because 'you are way too intense'? Do you see things into the future that most can't see? Do you wonder 'how the hell Pete does that day job' year after year? Are you totally unreasonable when something doesn't go your way? Are you passed just caring just about the money and totally confused by those who 'hate the job but make the bucks?' When you love someone or something do you do it with an almost unbearable intensity? You are probably an entrepreneur.
You might end up with a Billion Dollar turnover, perhaps a hundred million, perhaps one million or perhaps two hundred and fifty thousand.
You might even now be broke but without a doubt you are thinking of how you are going to make your next idea a reality.
Whatever your financial turnover, you had an idea, followed your nose and started a business from practically nothing or took one that already was and totally changed it.
It can take one year but is more likely to take 5 to 10 because successful entrepreneurs are usually extremely resilient.
Unreasonably resilient and often they don't understand why others are not.
Those who are not entrepreneurial will often find the energy factor extremely difficult to handle.
Such intense people can find it very difficult to retain long lasting partnerships both in business and personally.
Who are you? Recently released movie, The Social Network, depicts Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg as one eyed, relentless in his pursuit of success, outcome obsessed and with a sense above just common sense.
It's a movie-and there are millions of Zuckerberg's in waiting.
Not all of them will achieve his financial outcomes, but many will experience the thrill of creating a reality from a simple idea.
Life can be amazing for an entrepreneur.
There can be extraordinary highs and lows-and it's not usually about the money.
It's more to do with the fruition of the idea.
Not many seeking highly structured lifestyles end up as practising entrepreneurs.
Many are logical and methodical but few seek continuity and surety.
Entrepreneurs must take risks.
Not necessarily financial.
It's often the emotional risk of backing an idea to the point where failure can become tormenting.
While entrepreneurs may be logical and methodical, they are generally unreasonable; unreasonable about their expectations of themselves and others.
How often they beat themselves up for not seeing what we should have seen.
Opportunity drives the entrepreneur and failure not to see or take the opportunity seems deeply unforgivable.
Unfortunately, entrepreneurs can also be unforgiving of others around them.
'Can't they see the?!#*ing opportunity!' Don't they get it?...
Why aren't they in tune with my idea!?' Sometimes entrepreneurs get totally 'out of their mind' about the failure of others to come along for the ride.
Many use the rejection to fuel their next pursuit.
We call this turning something bad into something good attitude.
Unfortunately relationships are often strained, irreparably damaged or broken because of the intensity of exchanges.
So does that preclude entrepreneurs from actually running the day to day elements of a business? Not totally, but self knowledge and control becomes essential and some just cannot or are unwilling to deal with the feelings.
The smart ones of that version find other people to run the day to day operations.
It's quite ironic really.
The 'uncompromising' attribute has the power to both make and break the entrepreneur.
One needs it...
uncompromising in pursuit of the goal and the standards of execution around that goal.
On the other hand it has the power to ruin critical relationships - personal and business.
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