Summer Is Almost Here, You Need a LightPod Neo

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The warm weather is just around the corner and so are bare legs. For many,showing off their legs can be a source of a lot of anxiety because ofunsightly marks, making them feel embarrassed or self-conscious. Thanks to Aerolase'sLightPod Neo, this summer season you can help improve their self-esteem by treating leg veins and increasing your revenue at the same time.This innovative micro-pulsed cosmetic laser system delivers up to 13,000 watts of power within safe pulse duration, targeting the hemoglobin in the affected tissue without damaging the surrounding skin. Besides spider veins, the LightPod Neo also treats age spots and pigmentationas well as acne and rosacea.

Aerolase has been developing a new generation of medical aesthetic laser technology for numerous years now, with several medical aesthetic lasers under its belt. The innovative LightPod Neo is one of them. Just like other Lightpod lasers from Aerolase, it's portable and maintenance-free. Best of all, it works! It has a unique 0.65ms pulsed 1064 nm versatile aesthetic laser for pain-free treatments for all skin types. This Aerolase laser technology is used in treating facial veins, age spots, evening out skin tone, hair removal and even leg veins (spider veins). "Spider veins and other vessels can be cleared in one to three treatments," says Ophthalmologist IngeborgDziedzic from Pleasantville, NY. The powerful output of Aerolase'sLightpod Neo results in significant energy absorption in the targeted veins and capillaries, leading the destruction or closure of the vessels.

The LightPod Neo cosmetic laser system is able to perform the same range of laser energy density as a traditional longer pulsed laser. So for dermatologists, clinicians and aesthetic specialists in all sorts of environments from hospitals to medical spas, the LightPod Neo provides clinical versatility at a cost-effective price. "The compact size of the device is very useful as my treatment rooms are small and crowded with equipment. I can use the laser in a small are and then store it, completely out of the way, says Dr.Dziedzic.For Dr. Ed Zimmerman of Las Vegas, Nevada, Aerolase'sLightPod Neo allows him to get good clearance of vascular lesions, including angiomas and vessels on the face as well as other anatomical sites. "I also use it to destroy feeder vessels that can feed keloid scars, as well as the ingrown hairs that are sometimes present and tend to reignite those scars," Dr. Zimmerman says.

When treating leg veins, pigmentation and age spots, you can't go wrong with the LightPod Neo aesthetic laser from Aerolase. For you it's more revenue, and for your patients it's more results with virtually no discomfort.
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