Federal Stimulus Package - Do I Qualify For a Stimulus Package by the Federal Reserve?

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The federal stimulus package brings in a relief for some individuals monetarily.
The stimulus package draws money from the Federal Reserve.
Though, not all can enjoy these benefits.
These benefits include the following: · You can get social security retirement or the disability benefits.
· You can receive the Veterans Affairs (VA) pension, the disability or the survivor's benefits.
· One can enjoy the Tier 1 railroad retirement benefits.
How do I get qualified for Stimulus Package by Federal Reserve One can surf through the internet to understand if you are eligible for the package or not.
Even there are counselors to guide you in this regard.
Here are some points that would help you check whether you are eligible for the package or not: · The tax payers who received the benefits of the economic stimulus payment in the year 2008, would not be eligible for the same the year 2009.
· They do not qualify for the recovery rebate credit on their 2008 federal income tax return.
· The low wage workers can enjoy the benefits of the scheme.
· You and your family become eligible for the package if your income is at least $ 3,000 including the following: Social Security benefits, VA (Veterans Affairs) benefits and Railroad Retirement benefits & the earned income.
This amount does not include the supplemental security income (SSI) i.
does not count as qualifying income for the stimulus payment.
· The individual and the family members listed on the tax returns must have valid social security numbers.
· You cannot be eligible for some one else federal tax return.
· The individuals who have income between $ 300 and $ 600.
· In case of joint filers, the income must be between $ 600 & $ 1,200.
· With the eligible children, every child qualifies for additional $ 300.
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