How to Troll With Down Riggers

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    • 1). Garb the end of the downrigger cable. Locate the clip on the end of the cable and attach it to the loop on the downrigger ball. The ball is the weight for the downrigger.

    • 2). Drive around the lake and use a fish finder to locate fish. Note the average depth of the fish as displayed on the fish finder.

    • 3). Tie a lure or bait on the end of the line with a clinch knot. Feed the line through the eye of the lure, make seven turns in the line and feed the end through the gap at the base of the turns. Pull the knot tight and cut the tag end with line clippers.

    • 4). Drop the downrigger ball over the side of the boat without releasing tension on the cable. Locate the clip attached to the cable. The clip is typically one foot above the downrigger.

    • 5). Drop the lure in the water and release 10 feet of line. Attach the clip on the cable to the fishing line. Place the rod in the rod holder.

    • 6). Release the downrigger cable and count the clicks until the measurement aligns with the depth of the fish. One click equals a foot on most models, and electronic models automatically measure the depth.

    • 7). Drive the boat at a slow speed to troll the lure through the school of fish. Make small adjustments to the depth if necessary and continue trolling until one of the fish strikes. Yank on the rod to release the line from the clip and set the hook in the fish. Crank the downrigger handle to remove the cable from the water while you play the fish.

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