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How much stronger as extra muscles main the undergo strength testing for the first time good three-year-old lame orchestra has already been diagnosed with having 40 percent more muscle than an average Tyler but doctors don't know if this makes them stronger with take quick and Michelle work our strength and conditioning specialist in sports medicine today the ransom standardized strength sesame and these tests are normally done on children under 6 of unfortunately we don't have a lot of data on on young children and their strength it's difficult to get a young child to cooperate with good strength us only me up of to motivate lean to do the test and to provide a comparison I one will also take part although they're the same age 01 is five and a half inches taller Andean pounds heavier you can Haley am I heard that you can coif it up.

I haven't turned seen you do one yet could you think that you could well look at that the first rank test requires leanness Ellen to do as many sit ups as they cabin one minute keep telling struggles to complete one Wiley and takes them off effortlessly for you life you can 17 one minute goods he's going to here 10 one company rap set tough to do those set-ups yeah Ted has impressed that Lima has the core strength and skill to do sit ups 20 still only a toddler the coordination is really difficult too not to mention I'm see the abdominal strength just to do a set-up against your body weight were now see who's a Pursue probably more than what I can do I if I think the norm with the set-up not being able to complete it very uncoordinated wasn't this is the percentile chart for the President's Challenge focus we use in the schools argue instates and Lima did seventeen repetitions.

He would actually found the thirty percentile rank for a six year old chichis doubles age I mean I know what you can do but where he falls were realized something was a 6-year-old mean that's crazy strength naturally increases with age because the body growth and development at the neuromuscular system but so far at least performance suggest she's developmentally and physically ahead of his peers them the idea that me and was able to to do this test and perform at a level that put him in the Ranger six-year-old performance i think is really remarkable I okay okay %um which part by the next test is to do push-ups but Lee Mandela are too young to understand what they need to do and South in all the confusion lean still manages to show his amazing strength nice see who's doing the pushers then all the sudden he just what one arm put his arm and back Vitamax Garcinia Cambogia and looked at unlike thing.
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