Simple Ways To Increase The Size Of Your Penis

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When we think about penis enlargement methods, the first
thing that naturally comes to mind is the surgery. As the
surgeon's knife is not exactly the item we would want to
get close to the penis, we often try to forget about the
whole idea as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are also
other methods available for those willing to make their
penises appear bigger.

Common Ways To Increase The Size

Herbal supplements are certainly the most popular method of
enhancing the penis size. Herbs have been used to that end
for centuries all around the world and the herbal pills are
even more effective than natural herbs. However, the
quality of those pills is varied to say the least. Many of
them may be responsible for irritating side effects or even
changing the hormonal balance of your body. You can use
them safely, but it's a good idea to talk it over with your
doctor first.

Another popular, but dangerous method of making the penis
appear fuller and longer is using the penis pump. They can
be easily bought in every drugstore provided you ask for it
- they are rarely displayed due to public morality reasons.
They work immediately and are 100% effective. The problem
is that their potential side effects are even more
dangerous and permanent than those of herbal pills. A pump
may cut the nerves in the base of penis or in the extreme
cases even the whole penis. If one overdoes using the pump,
the penis may bleed, causing untold pain for its owner.
Finally, oftentimes they can't be used for practical
reasons (do you take your penis pump with you to every

For those willing to pay more for enhancing the penis
length, there is still a possibility of getting under the
surgeon's knife. Basically, there are three methods of
increasing the size. First, a surgeon may install a
silicone implant pumped by a small pump in the groin area.
This is the only real method of making impotent men have
erection. The second method is operating ligaments, making
the penis dangle all the time. This improves erection of
most (though not every) men. Finally, the surgeon can
implant collagen or silicone in your penis the way the
breasts are augmented. As the surgeries are performed by a
professional doctor, they are relatively safe, but the
complications are still possible. Besides, the price of
such surgery is extremely high and there is little chance
that your insurance policy covers it.

Other Solutions

The abovementioned methods are not the only ones. There are
also others, though not all of them are worthy trying. The
ones which are the most popular are certainly exercises.
Using a constricting devices, tying weights to your penis
to make erection harder or massaging it to make muscles
stronger are but a few examples of what can be done to make
your erection harder and longer with no external help at
all. The problem is that there are no good coaches to guide
you through the process and doing everything all by
yourself may end in making your penis look curved or funny
rather than more interesting.

Probably the best thing you can do is to concentrate on the
optical effects. Shave your pubic hair - it keeps most of
your penis hidden making it look much smaller than it
really is. If you're not in a good shape, work out a bit to
get rid of a flab in your abdominal area. This will also
make you optically bigger. To tell the truth, these two
things should be done by everyone worried about the size of
their penises BEFORE they turn to any other methods of
penis enhancement.

piece of advice: keep your penis clean. Always. First, it
will make you feel more confident - you know you are always
ready for some action. Then, it will make an excellent
impression on women. They may favor size, but they favor
personal hygiene even more! Water and some soap can do
wonders when it comes to the chances of your partner going
down on you.

In short: most of the time it is enough if you shave your
pubic hair, wash your penis and keep in good shape to make
your performance above average. A diet, quitting smoking
and alcohol will also help. If you still have some
problems, taking quality herbal supplements such as VigRX Plus will help you get the erection you need.
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