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Recent studies have shown that the use of Paxil during pregnancy increases the chances of birth defects. In December 2005, the Food and Drug Administration moved Paxil from a class C drug to a class D drug. A class C drug is one that has been proven to harm animals; and a class D drug is one that has been proven to harm the human fetus. According to the FDA, a Swedish study was done which proved that women who took Paxil in the first trimester (first twelve weeks) of the pregnancy had two times higher risk in having a baby with some form of birth defect than other women who took another form of antidepressant or no antidepressant medication. Some of the harms or birth defects caused by the use of Paxil before or during pregnancy include potential infant heart defects and persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborn babies. During the first trimester of a pregnancy, the babies heart develops. According to medical experts, the most crucial time is during weeks three through seven because this is when the heart is taking the form of four separate chambers.

In addition to infant heart defects, there are several other potential defects that can result from taking Paxil during a pregnancy. For example, a 2005 research study showed the women who took Paxil during a pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, were more like to have an omphalocele; a birth defect which is a malformation where the abdominal contents protrude into the base of the umbilical cord. A condition known as craniosynostosis; another birth defect which is an early closing of one or more of the sutures of an infant's head, causing a malformation of the skull is another potential defect that can result from the use of Paxil during a pregnancy.

Lung disorders are yet another birth defect that can be directly linked to the use of Paxil during a pregnancy. In 2006, the FDA issued an advisory notice saying that infants had problems with adjusting to breathing air when they first came out of the womb, which required them to have some sort of mechanical ventilation to assist with breathing. They claim that this birth defect can also be linked back to the use of Paxil during the pregnancy.

In conclusion, the FDA has said and proven that there are several birth defects that can be related to taking Paxil medication during the pregnancy. These include birth defects affecting the heart, lungs, and overall development. Women have a higher risk of birth defects, if the Paxil is taken before or during the pregnancy. Many lawsuits are now being initiated because of birth defects which could possibly be the result of taking Paxil medication during the pregnancy. If you have been taking or are currently taking Paxil and you are pregnant, then you should discontinue its use, contact your doctor and seek legal advice right away.
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